who am i?

hi, i'm halcyon or buttons. i'm a 20 something year old in the U.S. i identify as transsexual and abrosexual. i love sharks, invader zim, pokemon, parasitology, yume nikki (& fangames), and mass effect especially. i have a boyfriend whom i love very much, we've been together since 2020 and show no signs of stopping. in my free time, i code, draw, and play video games primarily. in another life, i am a shark conservationist, but in this one, we'll just have to see what lies ahead. i am very proud of my queer identity and have a huge interest in queer history, so i talk about it a lot.

so.. why the website?

pretty much... why not, really. i enjoy coding as a free time, and i absolutely cannot stand mainstream social media. so why not make a website and see where this takes me, y'know?

It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed!

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